Sporty Tricks!

Sporty Tricks! (2)

Mondays at 5:30 starting July 6.
Cheyenne, Wyoming

Taught by Monica Turner, CTDI of New Tricks Pet.

Learn the basics of a new dog sport every week while teaching your dog foundation behaviors (tricks!) that will prepare them for each sport. By the end of the 5 week class, your dog can earn their novice trick dog title from Do More with Your Dog!

There are two price points for this class!

Title track – this includes evaluation and the title processing fee. You don’t need to do anything once class is over – your dog’s ribbon and certificate will arrive in the mail when the class has ended.

Just for fun – this is for dogs who have their novice trick title, or owners who are not interested in earning the title or would like to submit for the title themselves. Evaluation is still included in this price.

If you sign up for title track, please be careful to fill out these fields as you would like them to appear on your dog’s certificate!

Questions? Text or email Monica: 307-206-5588